We are building the largest cryptocurrency mine in America


The production distribution is defined as 50% of the gross production​ to be distributed among token owners. 25% will be reinvested into additional capacity and mining production. 25% will be retained by 803 Mine to pay any and all expenses - including electricity. Payments are made in the cryptocurrency of your choice in the Member Portal with the first payment beginning on 6/1/2018. ​

**Coming Soon** Updated member portal features - wallets to store BTC, ETH, 803 MINE Tokens, and more. If you do not have a crypto wallet, your distributions will be defaulted to your member portal. We will distribute, on a monthly basis, the production revenue generated by 803 Mine's Production Facilities in accordance to the defined income-sharing contract. Each 803 MINE Token represents a Proof-of-Membership in the "Mining Fund". It grants access to a share 50% of the fund's revenues.

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For the first time ever, token owners will be able to subscribe to the 803 Mine's income stream via The Mining Fund.