Hot Mop Layers

The pan must be constructed of 4 layers of hot tar and 3 layers of 15lb perforated felt. The installer will custom cut each pan, size specific to your unique size and shape shower.

Hot Mop Slope

Shower pan must be pre-pitched ¼” slope per foot using mortar mix cement. This takes a trained eye and many years to perfect. We receive many compliments from our contractors about our pre-slopes, so don't try this yourself. Leave it to us, as it is always included in our price.

Hot Mop Drain

Use a two-piece shower drain with a water test stopper in place. Cast Iron or Plastic are both acceptable drains to use for Hot Mop Showers. Remember to set the drain flush to or resting on the subfloor as shown in the picture to the left. If you are using an existing drain be sure to inspect and clean the hot mop between the two flanges.

Blocking Prep

2x10" blocking should be used against the wall studs, this is most common. If there are pipes or any obstructions preventing 2X10's, other sheeting such as a thin gauge metal or 1/2" plywood will also be acceptable. Benches and seats should be built strong and covered with plywood so we can glue our Hot Mop and Felt paper to achieve best results. Remember we will Hot Mop up the face of the bench, then onto the flat part where you sit, and back up the wall 6" so be sure to add some blocking above the bench also. The curb is three 2x4's stacked minimum as in the picture to the left, unless your shower is recessed.

Final Product

The shower pan must extend 3” above the dam height. This is what you get when you call Ojeda Shower Pans to come Hot Mop your Shower Pans. A Smooth, Tight, Superior shower that will last many, many years.

Hot Mop Your Shower Pan and Make it Last Forever