Hot Mop Baptism Tub in Lake Forest
October 24, 2017
Hot mop in La Palma, CA
October 20, 2017

Hot mop in Anaheim, CA

Another one bite the dust in Anaheim – hot mop shower pan complete!

Heres a little fun facts about Anaheim not to do with hot mopping

1. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball team has set five Guinness world records for the largest gathering of people wearing cowboy hats, luchador masks, blanks, wigs, and Santa hats. 2. Disneyland’s original Tinker Bell was a 70 year old Hungarian circus performer who was the first to fly over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle as part of the park’s fireworks show. 3. The name of Anaheim peppers comes from farmer Emilio Ortega, who brought the seeds to the Anaheim area in the early 1900s. 4. From groundbreaking to opening, Disneyland was built in only 365 days. 5. However, Disneyland’s opening day was a complete disaster. Among other problems, rides and attractions broke down, Fantasyland was temporarily closed due to a gas leak and Main Street’s freshly-poured asphalt, softened from the heat, caused visitors’ shoes to get stuck in the street.